Ducks in a row.

My friend Claire gently pointed out that I neglected my little blog once finals were over. She’s right, I did… I even forgot the password on this thing and had to reset it! This phenomenon of getting distracted seems to be pretty universal. Ever notice the increase in Facebook status updates during finals week?

Now that my ducks are all in a row, I have a little bit of time to share. So as not to be chaotic in updating you on the past three weeks, I’ll boil it down to three things.

1. Work. Okay, not really. Shoes!

I do have one legitimate reason for being busy: I started working on Monday! Just like nearly every other native So Cal girl, I definitely trend toward casual. Unfortunately, casual doesn’t cut it in the working world, so I used this as an excuse to expand my wardrobe.

I picked up some blouses (will share later), but the star of my haul is the pair of Salvatore Ferragamo pumps I scored on sale. EIGHTY DOLLARS. Hello, beauties.


That’s all for now.

2. District of Columbia.

I spend a few days in DC on a whim (visited an old college friend) and absolutely fell in love with the city. It has this wonderfully young, vibrant atmosphere and the girls have absolutely mastered the art of business casual.

U.S. Supreme Court.

Softball games on the lawn.

Beltway Series: Orioles at Nationals.

3. Recipe (and this time, not for disaster).

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know how terrible I am at cooking. I was fortunate to have a mom and best friends who are great cooks, so it never really occurred to me that I had to do it for myself. Luckily, I do have one foolproof recipe perfect for summer.

I loosely followed this orzo salad recipe by Giada de Laurentiis from Food Network. Honestly, I just look in my refrigerator and throw in whatever I think might work. Also, I have a bad habit of not measuring ingredients. Fortunately, this is something you can easily eyeball.

Ingredients I used in mine:

1. box of orzo
2. chicken stock
3. baby cucumbers
4. bell peppers (I like yellow, but orange and red would be perfect for some extra color)
5. roasted artichokes (these are from the produce section in Whole Foods… comes in a pouch)
6. garbanzo beans (chickpeas?)
7. “Mediterranean” dressing – something similar to a Greek dressing will do
8. feta cheese

Cook 1 with 2 according to the directions on the box. Slice and dice 3 and 4. Toss everything along with 6 and 7, and sprinkle on the 8. Chill in the refrigerator until cool, and serve.

Orzo salad – picnic-worthy dish.

I have to be up at 4:30 AM tomorrow morning, so time to hit the hay!


Dressing up.

So during the school year, I tend to dress pretty terribly. When I’ve hit snooze one too many times, the last thing I care about is how I actually look when I show up to class. The fact that I didn’t even own a full-length mirror until eight months into the school year probably reflects that.

This is probably what I would wear, on any given day:

Daily school outfit.

Basically, a black North Face Denali jacket, Bullhead Venice jeans from Pac Sun, and Converse slip-on shoes (because I tend to be against shoelaces). My college roommate and I would joke that we developed a “school uniform” since we essentially wore the same outfits every day. You’re probably thinking, “That’s not so bad. It could be a lot worse.”

The only problem is, my shoes actually look like this:

Favorite (ugly) shoes.

I know. I need to throw them out. I even stitched them up with red thread where they had gaping holes. Man… I never realized how bad they were until I posted this picture, so they might actually be on their way out.

Anyway, I decided that since finals are over and I have plenty of free time in the mornings now, I have absolutely no excuse to dress like a slob and the weather is warm enough where people would actually be able to see my outfit. This is what I wore today:

Outfit of the day.

Please excuse the haphazard formatting… I signed up for a Polyvore account but the upload function seems to disagree with my web browser (Firefox). Dressing up a bit makes a world of a difference! It was pretty easy to do, and I felt fantastic. Here’s a breakdown of my outfit:

1. white tank top – anything will do. I tend to stick to the “long and lean” ones from Target because that’s exactly what I am, but you probably have your favorite already. I prefer mine longer so I never show any skin.
2. dark rinse skinny jeans – probably a staple you already have in your closet.
3. black leather bag – mine is the Parlour hobo from J.Crew. It sold out a month or so ago, but it has the same basic structure as the Gabby hobo. I think any simple black bag will do.
4. black flats – I could have worn my new Tory Burch Reva ballerina flats but I opted for these Marc by Marc Jacobs slingbacks instead.

Here’s what makes the outfit special…

5. peach double-breasted blazer – I got this on sale. I feel like I could easily wear this to work with some black pants or out downtown with the sleeves rolled up (to show the striped lining) and some tailored black shorts. Oh, and never button it up. You don’t want to look too serious.
6. bling – also from J.Crew. Statement necklaces are a big deal this season, and this one was definitely it for me. It gets noticed every single time I wear it.

Oh, and I’m currently wearing “Commander in Chic” by Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure. Taupe may seem kind of weird and dingy, but it actually can look pretty sophisticated. If you prefer OPI, “You Don’t Know Jacques” and “Over the Taupe” are some good ones. I heard Chanel “Particuliere” is THE taupe to end all taupes, but at $20-something a bottle I had to pass.

Sally Hansen Commander in Chic under artificial light

So there you have it. Today I managed to not look like a slob! Go me.

A few of my favorite things.

Progressive Field.

“Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack…”

Yesterday, a few of my friends and I went to the Tigers v. Indians game. One of the things I am really grateful for is to be able to live in a city with a Major League Baseball team. I still have yet to figure out who all of the Indians players are and get used to seeing the DH rule in play, but either way, games are just a ton of fun.

If you make it out to Progressive Field (or any baseball field), I highly suggest sitting in the view box seats behind home plate. Best seats in the house! I only paid $13 for my ticket since I bought them from a season ticket holder (they’re normally $32), but you might be able to get a similar view from upper boxes 553-555 for $22.

Between innings, the board showed some birthday messages. One of them wished Padres’ first baseman Adrian Gonzalez a happy birthday, so I sent out a tweet that was retweeted by @MLB. Pretty cool, considering the fact that they are the official Twitter account of MLB and follow over 11,000 other users.

Retweet by @MLB.

My friend and I decided to head down to the lower level to meet up with some other friends. I spotted Slider the Mascot on the way there! Anyone have any idea what he is supposed to be?

Slider the Indians mascot.

By the time we reached the seventh inning stretch, it was 50° and pouring. Wind gusts reached 40 MPH, so I dashed to the concession stand to get some hot chocolate to warm up. Luckily we found some seats underneath the overhang, otherwise I would have been totally miserable. Despite the May grey though, baseball games are still my favorite summertime activity!

Hot chocolate to keep me warm.

1L of a year.

Well, I am officially done with my first year of law school. After countless centipede invasions, seven exams, four papers, two slips on ice, and one hellish winter, I am no longer at the bottom of the figurative legal totem pole.

To celebrate the end of finals, I decided to treat myself to a manicure and pedicure at Nails & Co. in Rocky River. Nail salons as a whole tend to be more expensive here, but they offer more services with the basic package and pay closer attention to detail. I swung by the Ulta store in the same shopping center to pick up some new polishes. Here’s what I came away with:

Essie Tart Deco Essie Peach Daiquiri
L-R: Essie Tart Deco, Essie Peach Daiquiri.

For some reason, the colors in the bottles are really deceptive – Tart Deco actually reminds me of cantaloupe and Peach Daiquiri is sort of a watermelon/coral shade.

Swatch of Essie Tart Deco under natural light.

See what I mean? The bottle color totally does not match the real color (or the picture from their website, to boot). I have a thing against pictures of feet so I am omitting a swatch of Peach Daiquiri, but it turned out to be exactly the summer color I was looking for. I really wanted California Coral because it looks more opaque, but since it was sold out everywhere Peach Daiquiri made a nice second best option.

Thunderbolts and lightning.

These past two weeks (finals) have really been full of some unexpected experiences. Apparently:

a) law school makes me stress-eat like crazy to the point where I absentmindedly shove fistfuls of MSG-laden food in my mouth and

b) spring in Ohio naturally means crazy weather.

Do Californians really know to unplug appliances during thunderstorms? One of my classmates found out the hard way last week when his house was struck by lightning and his desktop was effectively fried.

In any case, tonight’s thunderstorm means I will be blogging/studying safely under the covers and unplugging my laptop charger at any slight rumble of thunder. Call me crazy, but getting electrocuted sounds a little unpleasant.

Thunderstorms in the Midwest are no joke.
Thunderstorms in the Midwest are no joke.